Caper is a superhero comedy series created and written by Amy Berg and Mike Sizemore. Its executive producers include Berg, Sizemore, Sheri Bryant, and Felicia Day. It premiered on Geek and Sundry and Hulu on February 12, 2014. The first season ended April 2, 2014, after nine episodes. Caper was the first G&S show to appear on Hulu.


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Caper is the story of four roommates living in the City of Angles: Penny, Dagr, Alexia, and Luke, who happen to be superheroes. Penny, the only one without superpowers, is a genius who developed a battle suit for Clarke Industries. She used the suit to become a superhero known as "The Machine," but everyone believed the Machine was actually Sam Clarke (head of Clarke Industries), who stole the suit from Penny, causing her to quit her job. Soon thereafter, Penny and her friends get fed up with always being broke, unlike the villains they battle, and decide to pull a heist on Clarke Industries. They receive training as bad guys from a man called Psycho.

In addition to the show's mostly live-action scenes, any battles are shown as motion comics.

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