Titansgrave: Chapter 3 first aired on on June 23, 2015, and on YouTube on June 26, 2015.

It begins with the group talking about their characters' stat upgrades, after the battle from the previous episode. The party then travels to the city-state of Nestora, where they check a map, and decide to go to the shopping district. They're seeking Farkiah the Antiquarian, in the hopes of learning more about the mysterious orb they carry. Meanwhile, they learn that the city is controlled by various guilds, and the streets are under constant surveillance. There is discontent among the citizenry, and the group learns of the existence of a resistance called the Autonomous Front. Jeremy had gone ahead of the group to the market, but Aankia was looking through Jeremy's eyes. Suddenly there's an explosion and a gunshot, and Jeremy calls for help. The group run to catch up with him. They do their best to help the people injured in the explosion, without much success. The authorities arrive, and the group runs away.

They don't have to go far before they find that no one's concerned about the nearby commotion. Kiliel goes to an armory, where she buys a new quiver and more arrows, and sells her old quiver. Aankia goes to a pawn shop, where she tries (and fails) to sell some of the Grandma's Sweat Stout the group had obtained previously. Lemley goes to an artifacts emporium, hoping to learn more about her locket. The shopkeeper provides a clue that doesn't help at all. S'Lethkk goes to an orc tavern to seek information about his brother, but the bartender seems very suspicious of S'Lethkk's half-saurian features, so S'Lethkk leaves before trouble can start. Then the whole group goes to the shop of Farkiah. Lemley tries to buy a golden mechanical beetle, but fails. Then they ask Farkiah about the orb. Meanwhile, Aankia gets kicked out of the shop for rummaging through bins. However, Jeremy stays behind and steals a small motor that Aankia wanted. While Farkiah examines the orb, S'Lethkk examines Lemley's locket, and recognizes an ancient mathematical symbol that had been revealed by the guy from the artifact emporium, but he doesn't know what it means. Finally, Farkiah opens the orb for them, and reveals four glyphs (Insight, Life, Protection, and Arcane) that were inside it. Each one will raise specific stats for whoever holds it. When they leave the shop, they see their faces displayed on monitors throughout the marketplace, with various criminal charges listed, including terrorism. They're about to run, but encounter a dwarf they had previously wronged... but the dwarf is knocked out by a stranger who tells them to come with him.

Danger at the Market! Chapter 3 TITANSGRAVE

Danger at the Market! Chapter 3 TITANSGRAVE

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