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Geek & Sundry Vlogs is a secondary YouTube channel launched by Geek and Sundry on May 19, 2013. Vloggers are mentored by Felicia Day and Jenni Powell.

List of vlogs & vloggers[]

  • 2 Broke Geeks with Mia Resella and Omar Najam
  • Impressions with Akeem A. Lawanson
  • Talkin' Comics with Amy Dallen
  • Console to Closet with Amanda McGinnis
  • Photography and Videography with Cristina Viseu
  • Critical Hit Cocktails with Mitch Hutts
  • (Greek) Myths with Dael Kingsmill
  • Geeking OUT with Becca Canote and Neil McNeil
  • Movies with Holland Farkas
  • Jeff Lewis
  • Makeup and Nails with Katie Satow
  • Kiriosity with Kiri Callaghan
  • Paul Mason the DIY Guy
  • Player Piano
  • Thumbwrestling World Championships and Read This! with James "Tigermonkey" Isaacs
  • Cosplay and Conventions with Sachie
  • Old School Pixel Party with Scott Tumilty
  • Songs of Adventure with Caitlin Papier and Vaughan de Villiers
  • WordPlay and Story Mode with Nika Harper
  • Wargaming with Teri Litorco
  • Bonus Vlogs
  • Guest Vloggers

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