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Geek & Sundry is a website, a YouTube Multi Channel Network, and production company started by Felicia Day, Kim Evey, and Sheri Bryant.

When It launched on April 2, 2012, the main Geek & Sundry channel was a part of YouTube's Original Channel Initiative. This was a Google-funded effort to generate original creative content on the YouTube platform. A large volume of content-creators submitted applications, and Geek & Sundry was one of the 100 channels that were chosen.

G&S was also one of the channels that was deemed successful enough to receive a 2nd year of funding. Additional channels were also added to the Geek & Sundry umbrella, expanding the platform into a Multi Channel Network.

After the Original Channel Initiative was discontinued by Google, G&S received offers from several interested partners.

In August 2014, Legendary Entertainment acquired the company, with Day and her partners retaining creative control.

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