"Home Invasion" is the seventh episode of the first season of the web series The Guild. It was uploaded to Youtube on 21st of February 2008, on The Guild's own channel.

Blurb Edit

Codex discovers why Zaboo is so weird. It's genetic.

Cyd's Opening Line Edit

"I have a headache. Maybe because my skull hit the floor yesterday. Zaboo locked himself in the bathroom right after his Mom got here and she’s been yelling at him through the door for oh...all night. Wait. I don’t hear anything. Maybe they left. [...] Help me."

Characters (in order of appearance) Edit

  • Felicia Day as Cyd Sherman (Codex)
  • Amy Okuda as Tinkerballa
  • Jeff Lewis as Herman (Vork)
  • Viji Nathan as Zaboo's mother
  • Gaby Gantvoort as Gaby
  • Blake Sheridan as Unnamed baby
  • Sandeep Parikh as Sujan Balakrishnan Goldberg (Zaboo)

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