A detailed list of the many characters that appear in LARPs: The Series

Guardians of the Eleventh Eye Edit

PCs or Player Characters the Guardians of the Eleventh Eye are the band of adventurers who are the game's main protagonists.

LARP Character

Character Played by

First Appeared

Noctus Arthur Becker Jonathan Silver S1 00
Nel'Zull S2 01
Vanya S2 01
Melland S2 02
Porrik S2 02
Corillia Brittany Wright Charlotte Rogers S1 00
Biff Will Becker Scott Humphrey S1 00
Astra Shane Hunter Elizabeth Neale S1 01
Ellowyn Kat Andras Amber Goldfarb S2 01

NPCs Edit

Everyone else in the game is played by the character Evan Wright, acted by Jon Verrall. Many of the characters are not explicitly named so the below is a mixture of names and descriptions.

LARP Character Appeared
Jeeves S1 01, S2 03
Ork in the woods S1 02
Thieves gang leader S1 03
Yaktha S1 04
The Golem (Beep Boop) S1 05
Helmut S1 06
The Sentinel S1 08
The Executioner S1 10, S2 01, S2 04, S2 07
Goblin thief S2 01
Lotharmantis S2 02
Dark Wizard S1 00, S2 02
Keeta S2 06

Other Characters Edit

LARP Character

Character Played by First appeared
The King Sam Jamie Mayers S1 01
Jeff Julian Stamboulieh  S1 07
Lance Mark Camacho S2 01
Mia Tamara Brown S1 01
Alex Rebecca Croll S2 01
Harold Shawn Baichoo S2 05
Danny Ezra Fama de Smit S2 05
Max Marcel Jeannin S2 05
Claudia Mara Lazaris S2 05
Tina Lily MacLean S2 05