LearningTown is a musical comedy series, starring, written, and created by Paul and Storm. Its executive producers include Felicia Day, Sheri Bryant, and Kim Evey. It was originally scheduled to premiere on Geek and Sundry in fall 2012, but was delayed until January 15, 2013. The season finale was March 19, 2013.


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A fictional version of musical comedy duo Paul and Storm (bearing the same names as the real duo) are longtime fans of a children's show called LearningTown. When the host, Learning Larry, dies, Paul and Storm get the chance to take over the show and keep it running, though it is constantly in danger of being cancelled. The two of them have no idea how to run a kids' show, and their incompetence and personal melodrama cause constant chaos, which is barely reined in by Cookie Tuesdays, whom they hire as their new producer, when she gets fed up with the stars of Hikky Burr, a more popular rival kids' show she had been producing.

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