"Quest Accepted!" is the third episode of the second season of the web series The Guild. It was uploaded to Youtube on 30th of July 2009, on The Guild's own channel.

Blurb Edit

Zaboo begins his journey on the road to manhood; Codex learns more about Vork than she'd ever want to know.

Cyd's Opening Line Edit

"Vork and Zaboo rooming together? It's perfect! I don't know why I didn't think about it before! Post-traumatic stress, probably. Vork was a little reluctant at first, but he finally came around after he got a screenshot of Zaboo's game bank and two reference letters. From Bladezz and Clara. What a weird credit approval process. Anyway, it's perfect! They both have the same interests... Well, interest. And, um... Getting Zaboo out of my apartment? Priceless! I'm alone! I'm gonna go run around the house naked! 17 seconds. Personal best."

Cast (in order of appearance) Edit

  • Felicia Day as Cyd Sherman (Codex)
  • Sandeep Parikh as Sujan Kenny Balakrishnan Goldberg (Zaboo)
  • Jeff Lewis as Herman (Vork)
  • Fernando Chien as Neighbour

Cameo Edit

  • Kenny Mittleider as a homeless man

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