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Space Janitors (Episode 1) is the pilot episode of the web series Space Janitors. It was originally released on The Escapist on February 24, 2012, simply titled "Space Janitors." It later aired on Geek and Sundry, on November 13, 2012, with the title "Space Janitors Have Dreams Too." It has a runtime of 3:17.


Two janitors, Darby Richards and Mike Chet, are performing their cleaning duties aboard an Imperial space station. Darby is complaining about his android girlfriend, LN6-K, dumping him. But he's more concerned about his career: he has dreams of someday becoming an officer. Then a couple of rebels pass by, pursued by Imperial squall troopers, after which Darby complains that rebels never acknowledge the existence of janitors when they infiltrate the station.


Space Janitors Have Dreams Too - Space Janitors Episode One Official HD Version

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