Titansgrave: Chapter 5 first aired on on July 7, 2015, and on YouTube on July 10, 2015.

The group meets with Mr. Voss, an ancient elven man who is the head of the powerful Voss Group. They are addressed by a holographic image of Mr. Voss, who is on life support. He's so old that he took part in the Chaos Wars. He asks them to retrieve for him something called the Staff of Forlorn Hope, promising them 100 gold and a party. He also gives them some gifts in advance of their mission. Aankia seems to have a problem with Voss, though for now she isn't explaining it to her friends. After their meeting, the four heroes give a funeral to S'Lethkk's brother.

After the funeral, the heroes board an airship, where they're greeted by Auker, who tells them the ship is computerized and will fly itself to Skyside Stronghold, where the Staff is located. While Aankia tinkers on Jeremy, Lemley and the others ask her what she has against Voss. She informs them that an employee of Voss had been responsible for her father's death. When they arrive at the stronghold, they escape from some gas that begins filling the hangar. Then they have to battle some spider-like droids, which they defeat. Next they have to battle some cyborgs. Upon their victory, Lemley jams a cyborg arm into some gears. A door opens, through which they see a pedestal which holds a staff. And Lemley's locket reacts....

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