List of episodes of the web series TableTop.

Season One (2012)Edit

Episode No. Game(s) PlayedGuests
[1]Small WorldJenna Busch, Grant Imahara and Sean Plott
[2]Settlers of CatanJane Espenson, James Kyson and Neil Grayston
[3]Zombie Dice, Get Bit! & TsuroRyan Higa, Freddie Wong and Rod Roddenberry
[4]Ticket to RideColin Ferguson, Anne Wheaton, and Amy Dallen
[5]MunchkinFelicia Day, Steve Jackson and Sandeep Parikh
[6]Castle PanicYuri Lowenthal, Tara Platt and Andre the Black Nerd
[7]GloomAmber Benson, Michele Boyd, and Meghan Camarena (Strawburry17)
[8] & [9]FiascoAlison Haislip, Bonnie Burton, and John Rogers
[10]Say AnythingJosh A. Cagan, Matt Mira, and Jonah Ray
[11]Elder SignFelicia Day, Mike Morhaime, and Bill Prady
[12]DixitLeo Chu, Casey McKinnon and Beth Riesgraf
[13]Wits & WagersVeronica Belmont, Phil LaMarr, and Jimmy Wong
[14]PandemicMorgan Webb, Ed Brubaker, and Robert Gifford
[15]Last Night on EarthFelicia Day, Riki Lindhome, and Kate Micucci
[16]Star FluxxAlex Albrecht, Chloe Dykstra, and Jordan Mechner
[17]AlhambraDodger Leigh, Ashley Johnson, and Shane Nickerson
[18]Chez GeekPaul Sabourin, Storm DiCostanzo, and Andrew Hackard
[19] & [20]Dragon AgeChris Hardwick, Kevin Sussman, and Sam Witwer

Season Two (2013)Edit

Episode No. Game(s) PlayedGuests
[21]Formula DGrace Helbig, Greg Benson, and Hannah Hart
[22]The ResistanceFelicia Day, Allison Scagliotti, Ashley Clements, and Amy Okuda
[23]Once Upon a TimeWil Wheaton, Amy Berg, Mike Phirman, and Chris "Doc" Wyatt
[24]King of TokyoTotalbiscuit, Greg Zeschuk, Craig Benzine
[25]Forbidden IslandWil Wheaton, John Scalzi, Bobak Ferdowsi, and Jason Finn
[26]Smash UpRich Sommer, Cara Santa Maria, and Jen Timms
[27]Star Trek CatanJeri Ryan, Kari Wahlgren, and Ryan Wheaton
[28]Star Wars X-WingSeth Green, Clare Grant, and Mike Lamond
[29]Lords of WaterdeepFelicia Day, Pat Rothfuss, and Brandon Laatsch
[30]Shadows Over CamelotJerry Holkins, Mike Krahulik, and Tara Strong
[31] & [32]Betrayal at House on the Hill Ashly Burch, Keahu Kahuanui, Michael Swaim
[33]TakenokoHarley Morenstein, Rosanna Pansino, and Drew Roy
[34]Unspeakable WordsTroy Baker, Erin Gray, and Felicia Day
[35]Qwirkle and 12 DaysKelly Hu, Meredith Salenger, and Nolan Kopp
[36]CarcassonneJesse Cox, Nika Harper and Kumail Nanjiani
[37]Tsuro of the SeasKevin Pereira, Brendan Halloran, and Andy Hull
[38]Ticket to Ride EuropeAnne Wheaton, Emma Caulfield, and John Kovalic
[39]Fortune and GloryBrandon Routh, Felicia Day and Ryon Day
[40]Lords of VegasMiracle Laurie, Angela Webber, and Aubrey Webber

Season 3 (2014)Edit

Episode No. Game(s) PlayedGuests
[41]TōkaidōJason Wishnov, J. August Richards, Chris Kluwe
[42] Forbidden Desert Felicia Day, Alan Tudyk, Jon Heder
[43] Catan Junior Emily Anderson, Brett Baligad, and Adam Chernick
[44] Hare&Tortoise/Council of Verona Alison Haislip, Jessica Merizan, David Kwong
[45] Stone Age Nika Harper, Jesse Cox, and Jordan Maron
[46] Geek Out! Clare Kramer, Anne Wheaton, and Bonnie Burton
[47] Sheriff of Nottingham Ashley Clements, Derek Mio, Meredith Salenger
[48] Dead of Winter Ashley Johnson, Grant Imahara, and Dodger Leigh
[49] Epic Spell Wars Emily V. Gordon, Jonah Ray, and Veronica Belmont
[50] Cards Against Humanity Aisha Tyler, Laina Morris, and Ali Spagnola
[51] Five Tribes Jenna Busch, Satine Phoenix, and Richard Garriott
[52] Concept Rhett McLaughlin, Link Neal, and Joseph Scrimshaw
[53] & [54] Dread Laura Bailey, Molly Lewis, and Ivan Van Norman
[55] Libertalia Seth Green, Karen Gillan, and Clare Grant
[56] Love Letter & Coup Fine Brothers and Felicia Day
[57] Kingdom Builder Paul Scheer, Tara Platt, and Yuri Lowenthal
[58] Legendary Markiplier, Allie Brosh, and Brea Grant
[59] Sushi Go & Roll For It Jason Ritter, Jennifer Hale, and John Ross Bowie
[60] & [61] Mice & Mystics Anne Wheaton, Ryan Wheaton, and Nolan Kopp

Season 4 (2016)Edit

Episode No. Game(s) PlayedGuests
[62] Lanterns Ivan Van Norman, Becca Scott, Zac Eubank
[63] Champions of Midgard Chris Kluwe, Marisha Ray, Alison Haislip
[64] Monarch Satine Phoenix, Ashley Clements, Brea Grant
[65] Tiny Epic Galaxies Andy Weir, Mayim Bialik, Tim Schafer
[66] Fury of Dracula, Part 1 Amy Okuda, Grant Imahara, Ify Nwadiwe
[67] Fury of Dracula, Part 2 Amy Okuda, Grant Imahara, Ify Nwadiwe
[68] Harbour Kyle Newman, Matt Mercer, Nika Harper
[69] Dragon Farkle Derek Mio, Neil Grayston, Brandon Routh
[70] Star Realms Melissa DeTora
[71] Fate Core RPG Ryan Macklin, John Rogers, Felicia Day
[72] Star Trek: Five-Year Mission Jaime King, Jessica Chobot, Jesse Cox
[73] Mysterium Shannon Woodward, David Kwong, Laura Bailey
[74] Steam Park Jonathan Coulton, Paul Sabourin, Greg "Storm" DiCostanzo
[75] Misspent Youth, Part 1 Matt Fraction, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Amy Dallen
[76] Misspent Youth, Part 2 Matt Fraction, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Amy Dallen
[77] Misspent Youth, (Bonus Clip) Matt Fraction, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Amy Dallen
[78] Flash Point: Fire Rescue Clare Grant, Seth Green, Kelly Hu
[79] Welcome To The Dungeon Janet Varney, Rhea Butcher, Hector Navarro
[80] Codenames Travis Willingham, Jackie Kashian, Michelle Morrow, Ashley Esqueda, John Ross Bowie
[81] Eldritch Horror, Part 1 Patrick Rothfuss, Stef Woodburn, Jessica Merizan
[82] Eldritch Horror, Part 2 Patrick Rothfuss, Stef Woodburn, Jessica Merizan